Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Memories...A Fool in My School!

This is a memory that will surely make you believe I am a natural blonde! I was almost 16 years old and getting ready to get my driver's permit. I was taking a class at school with several people who were older than I was. I was a sophomore in High School at the time and the boy I sat next to was a junior, but had just taken the driver's test himself if I remember correctly. Well, he heard that I was going to take the written test that day after school so he gave me a few pointers on the "hard" questions. "OH, they have some trick questions on the driver's test." he said. "They ask what you should do if you see a person trying to cross the road carrying a white cane." "Really?" I asked. "What are you supposed to do?" "Well," he said, "the options say that you can either do nothing and proceed as usual; honk and wave; or give them the right of way." I was intrigued. "What is the right answer?!" I asked. "Wouldn't you know it" he said, "you are supposed to honk and wave, but since it is a trick question a lot of people get that one wrong - I know this one for sure because I missed it myself." I had no idea what carrying a white cane had to do with anything... but I was pretty sure it was a fashion faux pax after Labor Day! This boy told me about all of the trick questions. I couldn't believe my luck to have found someone willing to share his wealth of knowledge and especially so eager to help! I thanked my "friend" and went on to my other classes as usual. As I was taking the written driving test later that day I couldn't believe how easy it was! I had so many of the questions answered quickly, thanks to my tutor in 4th hour. I turned in my test, feeling confident in my answers and looking forward to an easy "PASS" from the DMV. Well, as you may have guessed, I failed miserably. I also learned a hard lesson that day! I found out that some people will disguise themselves as your friend and then laugh in your face. I am pretty sure I already knew that girls would do that, but this was the first time a boy had done this to me. In his defense, he said, "I didn't think you believed me!" See? BLONDE!

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  1. Even though it has been almost 18 years, we are still laughing about this one! Thanks for remembering. See you soon.