Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday Memories... Out of creative blog titles.

I love music. I started listening to the radio at a very young age, and have a memory for almost every 80's song I hear. As a child I had the privilege of walking by the KZZP radio station every day on my way to and from school... yeah, I was pretty cool! Most days I would go inside on my way home from school and try to become friends with anyone I could - and grab a big stack of bumper stickers to put all over my room. I called the radio station to request songs to friends, boyfriends, even just to say Happy Birthday to friends and try to get them to put it on the air. My next-door neighbor worked for the station and one year she gave me movie premier tickets to see "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". It was really awesome because it fell on my birthday and I got to take a bunch of friends with me. Anyway, I loved KZZP for life.... well, until they went all hip hop on me... and then we moved. But now they aren't hip hop anymore... so if I lived around there I would probably still listen to them. Anyway, am I rambling?
I must have been about 10 or 11 years old when KZZP decided they would call a random number each day and if the person on the other end answered the phone saying, "KZZP is my number one hit music station" they would win $1000. Well, $1000 to a kid is a TON of money - hey, who am I kidding, $1000 to me now is a TON of money, but I was so sure they were going to call my number that I answered EVERY call we received at our house that way! I think it was probably geared towards calling people at work, and during work hours I am pretty sure. I am also pretty sure that if they would have found out a 10 year old answered that way, I wouldn't qualify for the money anyway... but I didn't think about those things then. All I could see was how much I wanted that money! So, I answered that way - and I did it for several months if I remember correctly. It usually caught the person calling for my mom or dad on the other end of the phone off guard, but I could usually get a laugh out of them when I quickly explained myself. I don't know - I am SO weird!


  1. Yes, you are weird, but that is why I (and so many others) love you so much...or at least one of the reasons! :D

  2. Weirdo! haha, just kidding (well, sorta). That's funny though. Just think, if you weren't so, well, YOU...this blog would not exist! Love you sis! P.S. There's no such thing as normal.