Saturday, May 16, 2009

Easily Amused!

I am easily amused! Some may call it a simple mind. Some may say I have too much time on my hands. I call it trying to keep entertained while locking myself in the office to get away from my children. Whatever you call it - I am.

Something that amuses me is word verification letters. I know there is an actual term for these things - I remember reading it in the Reader's Digest several months ago... but of course, I can't remember because I have a simple mind. Anyway, these things crack me up! Of course, sometimes they are frustrating because you can't figure out what the letters are, but sometimes these thing-a-majiggers are just kind of funny. Try reading them out loud every now and then. I am actually going to start using some of these "words" in normal conversation. I think this is a good one when you feel like


Or how 'bout:

And then there are some of them that sound like medical terminology.... that way you can sound smart even if you don't know what the crap you are talking about. "Did you hear Helen was recently diagnosed with recalkea so she had to have a reducksl on her ingestr? Yeah, I am totally serious!"

Then, of course, is my favorite use for word verification - Baby Names! No need to buy baby name books anymore or search endlessly on the Internet for a new idea - try leaving a comment on your favorite person's blog and see what comes to you. Here are a few I like:

It even works if you want your child to sound important:

(it's Hawaiian for "Island Princess Goddess"... or is it?!)

Anyway... those are just a few of the random simple thoughts I had today.


  1. When I posted this, the verification word was "NONCOLD" which is what you have when your nose runs in the summer time.

  2. That was so funny Em! I cracked up!