Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Memories... School Pictures!

All I can say about this week's memory is that I LOVED my school picture this particular year. This was 9th grade, and of all the pictures I'd ever had (mostly horrid, by the way), this one was the BEST because my hair turned out PERFECTLY! Of course I have to acknowledge my family for putting up with me hogging the bathroom for 2-1/2 straight hours! I also couldn't have done it without a hair dryer, curling iron and a full can of Aqua Net (A shout out to all of my Eighties Ladies! Woop Woop!) Gotta love the shoulder pads in the shirt, too! By the way, look for an upcoming "worst school picture" contest. Get yours ready, 'cause there's gonna be a prize! (I don't know what it will be yet... but it's gonna be GREAT!) Keep on laughing!


  1. Aqua Net! Do they even make that anymore?? I'll have to dig through my boxes and see what I can come up with. I've got a couple doosies for dance pictures too. BTW, your lesson yesterday was great! Am I taking yours in May or June?

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! i LOVE it! i could never quite achieve that kind of poof...not for lack of trying, you would have been my idol had we known each other in 9th grade, well you did become my idol, just a few years later ;)

  3. I vaguely remember thinking when you walked out the door back then that your kids were going to have a great time laughing at your pictures someday just like our kids have laughed at ours. (Look at that great smile! That hasn't changed a bit). Love ya!