Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Memories... My worst date! (or at least one of them!)

Thanks to my friend, Delaney, for suggesting I pick my brain for funny stories from my single adult dating life. Pretty much anyone who has ever played the "dating game" knows that there has to be several embarrassing things happen in those few years... or in my case, several years. I remember a time when I lived in Flagstaff, while attending Northern Arizona University (for 6 months), and ultimately waiting to meet my hubby. The "pickens" were kind of low there at that school. There was a certain guy, however, who LOVED to date!! His motto was, "Seven days without a date makes one WEAK!" Well, I guess he had to meet his quota for the month, so he asked me out. He was 100% cowboy! He wanted to drive down to Sedona from Flagstaff by taking the old roads through Oak Creek Canyon (or perhaps I don't remember what road it was... but it was a DIRT road and completely crazy - my dad informed me in a comment on this post that Oak Creek Canyon road is not bad... so that must not have been it! anyway... I don't know the name of the road I guess...) to attend the town country swing dance. Sure, I liked to dance, so it sounded fun... until I saw the road we had to take! I have always been one with a low-tolerance for motion. I get car, plane, boat, roller-coaster, or any other "object in motion" sick. The roads were only the width of one car, with one side of the road touching the mountain, and the other side plunging over a cliff. There were also the curviest roads I had personally been on, and this guy must have had every curve memorized, because he didn't slow down for even one of them. Let's just say that by the time we got to the dance, I was EXTREMELY sick! Anyway, I tried to be a good sport, but this was a SWING dance, and this guy liked to "swing his partner ROUND and ROUND," (until she vomits on the ground!). I remember the dance was full of odd middle aged men, and women who seemed to have been happy to just "catch" one of them! I had to take a breather, and sit out a few songs. My date had apparently not seen the green in my face, so he just continued dancing. I remember that he danced with pretty much every other person there! I watched and watched for probably a good hour and a half, and then asked if we could leave. I was still so sick. Well, I convinced my date to just take the regular highway home (it was MUCH faster and straighter) but somehow he managed to curve and swerve just enough that I couldn't take it any more. I told him that he was going to have to pull over... and just in time, he did! I leaned out of the truck and threw up all over. I had to have him pull over another couple of times on the trip home. He never asked me out again!!! Good thing, too, because I never wanted to go to a country swing dance again!!


  1. Oooo, I need to tell you all about my "Taco Salad" date. Something about old dates is so funny!!!

  2. Emily, your powers of exaggeration are amazing! That road from Flagstaff to Sedona through Oak Creek is not "the width of one car, with one side of the road touching the mountain, and the other side plunging over a cliff." It is a nice, two lane highway. It does have a lot of tight curves, but it is not a death trap. Still - a really funny story. Glad it didn't work out with him. Geoff is a jewel!

  3. Ha ha, that is so funny. I have some bad dating stories too. I think my favorite was one when the other guy's date brought her little brother with it was the 2 couples plus this young teenage boy who didn't talk at all. Then after the other couple (& her brother) had gone home, my date thought it would be fun to drive over the speed bumps over & over & over & over, even though I insisted I had to go home. I'm so glad I'm not in the "dating world" anymore! :)