Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Memories... I should have been a hobo

So, referring again to my cloudy brain for some humor, I was reminded of a story that I haven't thought about in years. I was about 8 years old, and my friend and I would walk to the Skaggs drug store that was just down a few houses from ours to the end of the street, and then across a dirt field, which we lovingly referred to as "Skaggs field". I spent every single penny I earned (which wasn't much, I'll have you know), at this drug store buying such wonderful things as gum and candy, nail polish and fake nails, lip gloss and stickers. I would also buy the occasional fake flower to give to my grandma or someone for their birthday, or carnival supplies for some random carnival I was throwing in my backyard for everyone I knew. I don't know why I did those things. Anyway, my friend and I would walk down the make-up isles at Skaggs and just dream of the time when we would be old enough to really WEAR the make-up. They used to have samples of make-up out back then... which thinking back on it was GROSS. I mean, lipstick samples that you run your finger through and then put on your lips, and then someone else runs their finger through later and puts on their lips. Seriously don't wonder why that isn't the "norm" anymore. Anyway, we started to wonder about all of these samples and what ever happened to them. Then one day, my friend, who was also a little bit (or a lot) more adventurous than I was, decided to climb in the garbage dumpsters in the back of the store looking for some of those "treasures" that were probably being thrown away. After a little persuasion, I joined her, and we found all kinds of things to take home and clutter up our rooms with. I remember we found a WHOLE bunch of make up samples that we took home. Two little girls' dreams were coming true right there in that garbage dumpster. We also found some food and candy that had expired dates on it... but had never been opened. Score! I think for the next year we searched those dumpsters regularly for treasures, I think the word got out though, because pretty soon other neighborhood kids had things from the dumpster, too, so it was harder to find the real treasures. Looking back on it, I don't think we had any idea that it was so filthy and disgusting and made us look like hobos. No, in our little eight-year-old eyes, we were just living a life full of adventure and surprises. Garbage dumpsters have been a tad bit tempting ever since. I knew I should have been a hobo!

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