Monday, March 30, 2009

Just be glad your kids aren't doing this...a look back at the Brooksby kid's childhood!

Here are a few memories I have of a few crazy ideas, or funny things we did as kids, in honor of Monday Memories! Maybe someone will want to add to these, or add details in another entry!

1. Just be glad your kids aren't planning a neighborhood dance in your backyard with out as much as mentioning the idea to you or your spouse. You have to find out about it by looking out the kitchen window only to find your 5 year old slow dancing with her long time crush, and about 70 other kids from the neighborhood including a 13 year old DJ.

2. Just be glad your kids aren't poking holes in every raw egg in the house and blowing all the insides out, then making houses, for their cute little egg families. Of course the thing with egg families is that they have to have egg related/clever names like eggbert, eggwina, egglynn, get the idea!

3. Just be glad your kids aren't "digging" a "pool" in the back yard until they realize it is really hard, and then they just leave the mounds of dirt piled all around the back yard, and a hole in the "garden area" about 2 ft. deep, 12 ft. long and 5 ft. wide. And it stays there forever!

4. Just be glad your kids aren't getting you drinks of water from unknown sources!

5. Just be glad your kids aren't having a yard sale and selling lots of YOUR stuff, including a tandum bike that you really kinda wanted.

6. Just be glad your kids aren't painting "Kenny + his poo" on the side of your house in hot pink nail polish.

7. Just be glad your kids aren't burning little holes in the brand new trampoline over and over with a magnifying glass.

8. Just be glad your kids aren't "digging" an underground fort, in the same area that was going to be the "pool", until they realize that it is just as hard as digging a pool, so they leave new mounds of dirt all over the back yard...forever!

9. Just be glad your kids aren't walking to the neighborhood drug store to buy candy with some little friends, and on the way to the drugstore, passing a bum sorting through his trash, and guy without a tongue that always yells at them...but they can't make out why, and a delinquent with very colorful language passing by on his 10 speed. And just be glad your kid's aren't dumpster diving for awesome treasure in the dumpster behind the drug store, and then not telling you anything about any of it, because they know that if they do you will not let them go anymore to the drugstore.

10. Just be glad your kids aren't in the kitchen concocting things such as: Tuna fish mixed with orange juice, butter on cheerios, white sugar on bread, pickle or olive juice popsicles, melted cheese in the microwave,or purposely sitting on a piece of bread to make it really flat before eating it. Yum Yum!

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  1. Great memories, Melissa! I love them! Thanks for posting something to this blog. I don't want to be a blog hog, but I see how you could all think that this is only MY blog, when that was not the intention at all! Keep on remembering the funny stuff!