Monday, September 9, 2013

My Monday Memory

Have I ever shared my most embarrassing moment with you? Okay, okay, ONE of my most embarrassing moments! I was working in a door shop at the time. It was 1999, which turned out to be the worst AND best year of my life, by the way! I was going through the hard part of the year, and was seeking a "fresh start" in a new town.  I had decided to move a few hours away and start back to school full-time to finish up my degree. By the way, I was single. This was part of the reason it was "the hard part" of the year.  I met my husband only three months after this happened... which was the good part, in case you were wondering! :)
     Here comes the embarrassing part! (No, it wasn't that I was working in a door shop, if that is what you were thinking!)  I loved my job there! I had made several great friends.  Well, a few of those friends came up with a great idea to have a surprise going away party for me on my last day of work.  It was so nice of them.  They ordered lunch for everyone, and brought in special treats and things! It was such a fun day, until something that was, what you might say, "the icing on the cake!"
I was working in the office, when I heard an intercom announcement calling me out to the warehouse to deal with a customer.  I went out, without hesitation, for this was a pretty common occurrence.  I should have suspected something was "up", however, when a co-worker handed me an envelope full of one dollar bills!  I went out, and met the customer, and asked how I could help him.  He then proceeded to tell me that he was a stripper, and had been hired by a few of my co-workers to give me a last day of work I would never forget!
     "Uhhhhh, WHAT?!" was my reply.  I remember telling him that I was not that type of girl, and that he really shouldn't do this!  I quickly looked to the side of the shop, and saw probably close to 50 people watching this all take place.  The word had gotten out in all departments that there was a male stripper in the door shop, and all the single, crazy, middle-aged women from all departments came runnin'!
      I thought I was going to die. And I REALLY thought for sure I was going to throw up! I was NOT the kind of girl that could have a lap dance at work. Well, not with an audience, anyway! Ha!  I remember telling the guy to just go do the dance for someone else, or let me leave.  He just told me that he was paid already to do this, and he was going to do this.  So he did, and I only watched maybe 2 minutes of it, through the cracks of my fingers that were covering my eyes! And, although it was embarrassing as anything I remember, the point is I REMEMBER it! Oh, and now, in the family owned and operated company handbook, it states very clearly, "no strippers at work". Before this incident, they never knew they needed to specify such a thing!
Here I am trying to talk the man out of stripping
Oh, and here he is, stripping anyway.  Down to a G-string.  I will post that picture another time.

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