Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

One thing I love about kids is their ability to be little comedians without even trying. I wish I was the mom who could remember all the funny things my kids have said over the years, or at least the mom who could remember to write some of them down.  Or, the mom who could at least remember where I put the paper I wrote them down on. :) So here are a few of the funny things (that I actually DO remember) the kids in my life have said.

* When a man came to my door, who happened to have a mecahnical hand that almost looked like a hook, needing to talk to my husband about something church related, my 7 year old son answered the door and quickly comes yelling to me, "Mom!! Come quick! There's a guy at the door and he used to be a PIRATE!!!"

* When looking through my purse (probably looking for gum!) my two daughters found a tampon. "Hey," the youngest one said, "Aunt Andrea has these in her purse, too!" The oldest girl, about 5 at the time, replies, in her most "know-it-all" voice, "Staci, they're called CROUTONS!"

* A neighborhood boy, who just turned 5, said to me the other day, "Did you know I got fifty-thousand bucks for my birthday?!" When I said, "Wow! That's a lot of money", he said, "Actually, I got a dollar, but my dad says if I get a money manager I can get another dollar!"

* When taking a hearing test, my youngest cousin was put in a booth, with earphones on, and told to repeat all of the words he heard. One word was said, and he would repeat the word back. Everything went fine until they came to the word "doll". After several attempts, and making the word louder and louder, the doctor came in and said, "you can't hear that word, Spencer?". "Oh, no." he replied. "I can hear it, I just don't want to say THAT word."

What are some of the funny things the kids in your life have said?

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