Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Someone had to write SOMETHING...

A Southern Baptist preacher and his wife wanted to get a dog, but they insisted that the dog be a Southern Baptist, too. They went looking at every pet store they could find, but couldn't find a dog that met their strange criteria. Finally, they found a man with a dog for sale that he insisted was indeed a Southern Baptist.

The preacher and his wife were skeptical. "Prove it," they demanded. So the man turned to the dog and said, "Ezekial, go fetch the Bible." The dog ran to the bookcase, scanned the titles, and pulled out the Bible. Then he ran back to his owner. "Now, find John 3:16" said the man. The dog licked his paw and started turning pages until he came to the third chapter of St. John. "OK, now find the 23rd Psalm" said the man. Again, the dog licked his paw and started turning pages back to the Old Testament until he came to the right page.

The preacher and his wife were amazed, and immediately purchased the dog. They took him back to their congregation and started telling people they had found a Southern Baptist dog. Their parishoners were unsure about the claims, so the preacher showed them how the dog could retrieve the Bible and turn to key scriptures. Everyone was amazed.

One parishoner, though, was still unimpressed. "Can he do regular dog tricks, too?" he asked. "Well, let's find out," said the preacher. Turning to the dog, he said, "Heel!" Immediately the dog jumped up on a chair and whacked the preacher in the forehead with his paw.

"We've been cheated!" exclaimed the preacher. "He sold us a Pentacostal dog!"

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