Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It seems the only things my family finds funny have to do with pee or poop or toilet water. Hmmm... I find this very interesting. The only problem with this was that I was reminded of a story while reading these posts that is just too good to not post. Many of you may have heard this story, but it's worth remembering again.

A couple of years ago Natalie was newly potty trained, but old enough to just send her to the bathroom by herself. I kept finding pee on the floor around the toilet in the bathroom. I was thinking that Jackson had forgotten how to aim (although I didn't think that was possible, since I was the "Aiming Nazi" while he was learning stand up and "go"). Anyway, I wasn't sure why this was happening every day, until I saw Natalie going to the bathroom once and it all fit together for me! She was standing there facing the toilet, pants down, squeezing her belly button and peeing on the floor. I guess she wanted to be like her big brother!

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