Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Sale!

Here are a few of the random items you can actually purchase. I don't know how people come up with the ideas for some of these!
Inflatable moose head
I need this shirt!!

I DON'T need this shirt - gross!

Sponge Microphone - "Jeremiah was a bullfrog!" (That's for you, MOM!)

Sick and cool at the same time

These would make a great gag gift!
"My lips hurt real bad!"

Only $69.99 on Overstock.com - a small price to pay for such pleasure!
Nothing says "Squeaky Clean" like the taste of bacon!
"YOU ARE HERE" doormat


Voodoo Doll toothpick holder.


  1. Great inventions. Where do I get a "You Are Here" place mat? I would love one.

  2. My dad has the ex set...my mom hides it every time I bring the kids home, drives him crazy!! He also gave me the gum magnets. My kids at school love them!...but the bacon floss is just wrong!

  3. Dad, Just google "you are here doormat" and you get a hundred locations that sell it. It is even at Target.com and Amazon. If you want, email everyone saying that you don't want anything for Father's Day because it's not the gifts that matter, But if you WERE going to ask for something, that would be it. Hey, we have to think a lot cheaper on group gifts these days! Love you!

    And Becky - I can't believe your Dad has that knife set and that you have those magnets! How come I didn't know that? These are the things that girlfriends should talk about. I thought I was really being original in what I have found, but NOOO! Love you, too!